Storytelling 1

Launch of a hotel and a luxury brand

« Serre-Che station, an irresistible hotel on the Rock »

Request of the brand: Opening evening of a new hotel in Serre-Chevalier with Press and Public Relations;

Targets: French and international travelers, business travelers, VIP customers;

Our concept: «Serre-Che station, an irresistible hotel on the Rock»

Evening in a “modern family atmosphere” thanks to:

  • Group of guitarists “on-the-rock”;
  • Family atmosphere in a warm & modern decor;
  • A campfire to make the moment unforgettable;
  • A photographer who captures the energy of the moment;
  • A video “Backstage of a model shoot for a new luxury brand in the hotel”

Public relations for the evening:

Provision of the personalities file of the Agency

Provision of the clients file of the Agency

Local and regional industries

MICE customers

Our strategy to talk about the evening party and the hotel: 

  • To attract the attention of the local press (to attract the adhesion of the region), the specialized press (to attract the enthusiasm of the specialists of the event and the hotel industry) and of the public press on the inauguration of the Hotel while creating the interest of the new ‘luxury-fashion’ inspired product for future customers (fashion-luxury targets), provoking the desire of future consumers;
  • Draw attention to the hotel’s avant-garde will to establish itself in a territory not yet conquered by luxury;
  • Create interest with the image of the modern luxury of sports;
  • Stand out by Serre Chevalier (unlike Courchevel);
  • Play on the avant-garde, precursor side. To do this, the defining axis of a photo & video shoot (mode = avant garde) with the brand “Save the Rich”;
  • Create the buzz before the opening with broadcast of the video on the channel and the site of Fashion TV;
  • Warn about the opening by highlighting a night of inauguration with VIP;
  • Stars related to beauty universe for spa, in connection with fashion to remember the shooting, with winter sports for the resort, music for link with the name of the hotel (Roc / Rock);
  • Build on the potential of the opening night to convey a brand and innovative image of the hotel.

Why this concept?  A strategy that relies on a ripple effect caused by a start impulse = start buzz / evening inauguration to target the early adopters, then an expansion of more conventional targets in the long run.

The expected objectives were:

  • Create visibility and notoriety for the establishment;
  • Create visibility and notoriety for the clothing brand;
  • Make it a must-have product for MICE customers;
  • Make it a must-have product for individual customers;


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