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Zagreb, Croatian capital

Croatia is an Eastern European country on the Adriatic coast and is surprisingly diverse. If it has more than a thousand islands, it is also crossed by the Dinaric Alps. Its capital, Zagreb, stands out for its medieval high-rise and numerous museums. Dubrovnik is a fortified coastal city whose huge 16th century ramparts surround the old center with Gothic and Renaissance buildings. Plain, mountain or sea, everything is accessible for your business trip.

Zagreb is a compact city and everything is concentrated in the city center. All? except Strossmartre, the mini Montmartre of Zagreb!
It is in high city, with a clear view on Zagreb. A promenade lined with tall trees, little cabins selling beers or nibbling tricks, an esplanade where concerts are played practically every night of the year (it’s only in autumn or deeper winter that there is no music). The atmosphere really makes “Paris of the 1920s”, with its cobblestones and lampposts. Strossmartre is romantic.

The Agency then will take you to visit the Gric tunnel, former refuge of the Second World War. The place is completely atypical and incredible. It is a former refuge of the Second World War, which later served during the Balkan War in the 1990s and is open to cultural events or privatizations.

In the lower city, the living heart of Zagreb: Donji Grad. It’s all the Austro-Hungarian quarter. The architecture of this district is wonderful: beautiful facades everywhere, a regularity typical of Austria in the beautiful era. It is also where you will find all the shops, bars, restaurants, in short the living and modern Zagreb is here … it is here that you will go out after a busy day in meetings.

In Zagreb, each season has its charm: spring for festivals, winter for the magic of Christmas, summer for the calm of the city and autumn for the magic of colors! Let the Agency concoct your tailor made program.


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